first birthday photographer in buffalo, ny

First Birthday

May 16, 2024

First Birthday Photographer in Buffalo, NY

If you’re looking for a first birthday photographer in Buffalo NY, I would love to give you some tips on first birthday sessions! Here are my top 4 tips when it comes to your cake smash session.

first birthday photographer in buffalo, ny

1. Do a test run with a cupcake at home

I always recommend doing a trial run at home with a cupcake in the high chair! This will give your baby a chance to get used to both the texture and the sweetness of the cake and they’ll be less likely to be shocked by it at their portrait session.

first birthday photographer in buffalo, ny

2.) Take nap time into consideration

Work with your photographer to find a time that aligns with your baby’s awake/ happy time and try to avoid scheduling a first birthday session during what would normally be nap time. A happy baby means those happy, smiley photos you’ve been dreaming of capturing of your baby. Our studio only takes on one session per day to ensure full flexibility for all of our first birthday clients! For more information, check out our first birthday portfolio located here.

first birthday photographer in buffalo, ny

3.) Do some light stretching 😂

Get ready to move your baby back to the same spot 1000000 times 😂 One year olds are on the move pretty much always and this is completely normal and expected. We will take plenty breaks if your baby is not wanting to interact with the setups or props. Letting them wander around the studio for a little bit is frequently how a first birthday session will begin!

4.) Let your baby be a baby

We always want the session to go the very best that it can, but always keep in mind that your baby is still a baby! Finding a first birthday photographer in Buffalo with a calm and patient personality is key. It may take some time for your baby to warm up, and a good photographer will be patient enough during the warmup period while your baby gets acquainted to his or her surroundings. Don’t worry if the session begins with your baby running around like a tornado! We will get everything under control in due time 🙂

If you’re looking for high quality first birthday photography in Buffalo, I’d love to meet you! My name is Sarah, owner of Rosebud Studio of Photography in East Aurora. I specialize in baby & family photography and create heirloom, archival quality printed products for your home. For more information, please visit my website here or contact me here about scheduling a session for your family!

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First Birthday


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